Team Building Training


 Professional Objective:  Build or strengthen links between the team members to achieve the objectives.

Training Objectives:

  • Know the basics of team dynamics

  • Know your role and your commitments to the team

  • Learn to accept differences and recognize the merits of each team member

  • Listen.

THIS COURSE IS AVAILABLE FOR: All members of the same team.

DURATION: 2 days


Course Content


  • What is a team?

  • Team Member: role and commitments

  • Difficulties?

  • Groung rules

  • Examples.

 Workshop: Simulation


  • Vision and mission

  • Values

  • Your relation as team member with the vision and the values.

Work as a Team?

  • Dynamic interactions between team members

  • Personalities

  • Assertiveness

  • Conflict Management

  • Weight and balance of cultural and / or multicultural in the work environment

  • Basics of communication

  • Active listening

  • Foundation for an effective meeting

  • Bases in the tasks

  • Collective organization of work



Foundation of an effective team


Workshop: Team Charter

  • Each team member list their roles and commitments

  • Each member lists the commitments for an effective team

  • Validation of the basic principles.


Review of objectives and list of results and decisions.