Managing Meetings


Objective:To learn and to master meeting management basic skills.

Attendees: Any Manager wishing to acquire the basic techniques of a managing meetings.




I. Overview

  • Definition;

  • Difficulties met when running a meeting;

  • Various negative forms;

  • Participantís rights charter;

  • General rules.


II. Types of meetings

  • Types of meetings;

  • Room & participantsí disposition.

III. Actors of the meeting

  • Mental structuring;

  • Degree of assimilation;

  • Skills expected from the facilitator;

  • Facilitatorís role;

  • Facilitation style;

  • Main types of participants;

  • Managing the participants;

  • Participantsí fears.


IV. Meeting techniques & tools

  • Meeting phases;

  • Preparing a contribution;

  • Non-verbal communication;

  • The organizersí status;

  • How to regulate?

  • How to facilitate?


V. Stages of a meeting

  • General rules;

  • Preparation;

  • Starting;

  • Meeting progress;

  • Conclusion;

  • Minutes.

VI. Case studies