Strategic and Prospective Analysis


  • To adopt a strategic vision;

  • To identify the different strategies;

  • To turn strategy into operational objectives;

  • To understand & master the strategy implementation process;

  • To succeed in monitoring the achievements defined in the strategy;

  • To measure the contributions of an effective surveillance strategy.

Duration: 4 days

At your request, this training course can be customized to suit your specific environment, followed by assistance in the effective implementation of the strategy, the tactical plans and the operational plans.



I Definitions 

 II. Organization

  • Various topologies;

  • Advantages & disadvantages.

 III. Culture

  • Cultures in the company;

  • Values.

 IV. General information

  • Strategic segmentation;

  • Competitor analysis;

  • Benchmarking;

  • Construction of a competitive advantage;

  • Differentiation strategies;

  • Cost strategies;

  • Value chain;

  • Strategic portfolio;

  • Globalization strategies;

  • Strategic alliances;

  • Relational strategies.


V Strategy Framework

  • Environment;

  • Formalization & implementation;

  • Organization;

  • Leadership.

VI. Situation

  • Evaluation of the organization;

  • Evaluation of the available means;

  • Formalization of the situation;

  • Projects formalization.

VII. Preparation

  • Formulation & validation of the mission & the objectives;

  • Managers Identification.

Case study 

VIII. Implementation

  • Various options;

  • From the strategy to the tactical plans;

  • Risk Analysis;

  • Definition of the information system;

  • Definition of the roles & commitments.

Case study 

IX. Monitoring

  • Identification of the operational stakeholders;

  • Operational control of the progress;

  • Role of the steering committee;

  • Decision-making.

Case study

X Communication

  • Strategic information;

  • Structure of feedback;

  • Performance indicators.

Case study

 XI. Decision-making

  • Situation evaluation;

  • Implementation.

Case study 

 XII. Surveillance Strategy

  • Contributions;

  • Implementation phases;

  • Examples of market watch software tools.