International Projects:

International Passport 



  • To present the steps of international projects;

  • To estimate the costs;

  • To set up an appropriate customer communications system;

  • To assist the negotiation;

  • To master the risks linked to export.

Duration: 3 days

At your request, this training course can be customized to your specific environment, followed by an assistance in the implementation of your projects.



I Introduction

  • Customers, their expectations;

  • Project : definition & objectives;

  • Financing and setting up businesses;

  • Public & private organizations;

  • Export markets profile;

  • Strategy & challenges;

  • Essential development & concepts.

II. Contracts & rules

  • Selection criteria;

  • Competition, partners;

  • Speakers, owners, project managers, administrations;

  • Legal obligations, contractual, normative;

  • Arbitration, litigation resolution.

Case study

III. Organization 

  • To prepare, organize, delegate & communicate;

  • Logistics means;

  • Respect of the expiry dates & commitments;

  • Local networks approach;

  • Collecting information.
      Case study


IV. Implementation 

  • Bases of the action plan;

  • Profile of the teams;

  • Methodology, step & budgets;

  • Problems of remote projects.

Case study

V. Satisfaction of the customers 

  • Recognition of the management performances;

  • Methods of fixing of prices;

  • Quality & methods of control;

  • Mastering risks, costs & deadlines;

  • Negotiation;

  • Monitoring feedback.

VI. Risks

  • Limits of services;

  • Identification of the risks;

  • Analyses & prevention;

  • Insurance companies.

Case study