Introduction to Project Management:

Stakes & Implementation 

  • To prepare all the actors of a company for project management culture.

  • To motivate all the actors of the company through the projects.

  • To identify the stakes of the project management.

  • To identify the contributions and constraints of the culture project.

Duration:1 day

At your request, this training can be customized to your own environment, and be followed by an assistance in implementing the changes.



I Challenges

To learn from complexity instead of fighting it...

  • The market;

  • Organizations;

  • Customers;

  • The company;

  • Strategic challenges.


II. Project culture

A project is to produce a product or an intellectual

service in line with the required quality, within the

deadlines and at the lowest cost...

  • Definitions:

  • Management by project;

  • Project management;

  • Project culture;

  • Quality;

  • Deadlines (just in time), workload;

  • Cost;

  • Projects as a means of mobilization & motivation.


III. Methods & tools

Without method there’s anarchy, too much

method kills initiative...

  • Methods: mission, objectives, planning, project monitoring;

  • Tools to determine objectives;

  • Tools to identify and decide;

  • Tools to search & analyze the blocking points;

  • Tools to imagine and select solutions;

  • Tools to plan and implement;

  • Indicators: general management, project managers;

  • Communication;

  • Experiment capitalization.

IV. Roles & commitments of the actors

To listen and to innovate to satisfy the customer

and to prepetuate the company...

  • Definition of the roles & commitments of each actor;

  • Identification of the project objectives;

  • Identification of the objectives of each actor compared to the project;

  • Communication & team work;

  • Creativity & innovation within a team.


V. Project culture implementation

A customer satisfaction strategy must be

substituted to a product or services flow strategy ...

  • Steps;

  • Stakeholders;

  • Methods & tools;

  • Project management guideline.


VI. Questions & answers

Internal debate

  • Implementation;

  • Constraints;

  • Actions to be carried out.