Coaching and Consulting




  • Choice of Project-Oriented Organizations;

  • Performance Indicators;

  • Managing a Work Group (Creativity, Innovation, Benchmarking, Value Analysis, TRIZ, etc);

  • Defining the Organization;

  • Creating the Project Management Guideline;

  • Implementing Management by & of Projects;

  • Implementing the Project Knowledge Base;

  • Project Management Manual & Tools;

  • Project Monitoring;

  • Defining Training Plans related to Implementing Project Management Behavior;

  • Resolving Conflicts;

  • Project Kick-off;

  • Defining the Project Schedule;

  • Coaching the Project Team;

  • Project File;

  • Execution of the Quality Assurance Plan;

  • Project Information System Process;

  • Selecting the Project Management Software;

  • Project Coordination;

  • Customizing the Software to the Context;

  • Project planning with Project Management Software;

  • Implementing the Software associated with the Project Management.