Conducting Changes




  • To identify the phases in the effective control of a change management project, function of the actors, the organization & the corporate culture;

  • To anticipate and reduce resistance to change;

  • To plan a change management project;

  • To implement and to evaluate the impact of change.

Duration: 4 days

At your request, this training can be customized to your specific environment, and be followed by an assistance in implementing the changes.



I General

  • Company: organization, strategy & culture;

  • Changes;

  • Work context;

  • Difficulties & challenges.

      II. Skills expected from the change manager

  • Risks analysis;

  • Impacts Matrixes;

  • Stakeholders socio-dynamic matrix.


      IV. Situation description methodology

  • Assistance in the formulation of the situation;

  • Identification of the 7 attitudes facing the change;

  • Identification of the solutions;

  • Formalization & validation.


       V Change phases

  • Definiting the mission;

  • Objectives formalization & validation;

  • Stakeholders : roles & commitments;

  • Communication.

       Case study 

VI. Motivation

  • To understand the objectives of each stakeholders;

  • Conflict resolution;

  • Management of the 7 attitudes when confronted with change;

  • Agreement on the change management project objectives;

  • Decision-making process rules;

  • Consensus;

  • Monitoring

Case study

VII. Communication

  • Rules;

  • Format, frequency, contents, etc.

Case study

VIII. Planning the change management project

  • Action identification methodology;

  • Action formalization and validation;

  • Risk analysis;

  • Validation of the actions of each stakeholder;

  • Implementation;

  • Evaluation of the achievements;

  • Definition of corrective action;

  • Achievements assessment.

    Case study

IX. Evaluation of the change impact

  • Impact assessment;

  • Evaluation and corrective action;

  • Assessment & communication.